Is organic really worth it?

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It bothers me that it costs more to buy fruit "grown naturally" than it does to buy fruit harvested with the aid of man-made chemicals and pesticides and crap. And yet I do it, regularly, because the huge, shiny, Stepford-wife-ish fruit that I see in the produce sections of most grocery stores skeeves me.

I like my apples with some holes, my peppers to be irregular, my blueberries to not be the size of car-tires, please. I am also cognizant of my footprint of the earth, much more so now that I've had Nolan. I feel like buying organic is a lighter tread on the earth. I have no idea why I feel that, though, especially since I heard on the radio the other day that organic food might actually put more strain on the earth because it has to travel such a distance to get to most local markets. I'm not sure whether it's true, but it certainly made me think.

I live close to one of only three Whole Foods in the whole country. Wholly organic, the store does not carry any food with additives or colouring. I like to pop Nolan in a cart and traipse slowly through the store, smelling the cheese and admiring the lush fruit. Sometimes I'll choose some homemade crackers or a jar of fresh olives, some wild salmon or some organic raspberries. Inevitably, it costs me an entire day's earnings for a teeny basket of food. And inevitably, I think: this is not worth it, for me or for Nolan. What's a little pesticide going to do? But then I bite into a fresh raspberry or a bite of wild salmon and I think -- man, this is good. Good is one thing, though, and worth it quite another, and I am still not sure what's more important: the potential of better health and flavourful food, or a much fatter wallet.

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